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  By using rich experience in the fields of anti-pollution measures,
environment-related plant and recovery of resource, Aquatech Company Ltd.
is carrying out consulting and solution business,specially focusing on
industrial wastewater treatment

 Consulting and solution business by AQUATECH

1.Request for consulting

First consult us about the problem you have. Consulting at this stage is free of charge. We will show you technical information etc. we have made public.


After entering into a consulting agreement, we will disclose you the know-how likely useful to solve your problem, selecting from among those we own. We will offer you our estimate for consulting according to your specific request. We will strictly comply with secrecy agreement and legal requirements.

→See here our past records of business

3.Consignment test ・consignment survey and research

Receiving sample wastewater from customer, we will make chemical analysis and study to find out best treatment method. In addition, in order to find out useful solution to the problems customer is facing relating to wastewater or recovery of resource, we will conduct consignment survey and feasibility study, ranging from a test using a beaker to that by operating pilot plant to study profitability and other problems when commercial operation starts. Please see the following table about our acceptable test item, content of test and devices or tools for the test and analysis which we possess.

Diagnosis of equipment for wastewater treatment ・analyzing device・ treatment test

4.Diagnosis of existing equipment for wastewater treatment


 Investigating quality and volume of water at various points of your equipment for waste water treatment, we spot the problem and propose you remedial measures.  

5.Supply of technology

We supply license to use our patent effective to solve customer’s problem.

6.Design of plant


 We design system of wastewater treatment・exhaust gas treatment・resource recovery. Specifically, it includes preparation of flow sheet of treatment, material balance, heat balance, preparation of equipment and drawings.  

7.Tryout of plant

As for the equipment we undertake according to 6 above, our engineers carry out tryout using actual wastewater and exhaust gas.

8.Maintenance of equipment

Our engineer or separate company under our guidance will do.

9. Sale of chemicals and consumables

Through our sole agency  Uchimura Company Ltd.

10.Sale and marketing service of equipment

Through our sole agency  Uchimura Company Ltd.

11.Joint research

We carry out joint research with university, research institute and corporation who are making research and development in an aim to realize a recycling society. We will make public the fruit and apply it to other project.

12.Diagnosis of equipment for wastewater treatment (analytical treatment test and test equipment)

Diagnosis of equipment for wastewater treatment (analytical treatment test and test equipment)

Diagnosis of equipment for wastewater treatment (analytical treatment test and test equipment)