Washing tower of exhaust gas (Scrubber)

New sulfide method which Aquatech has developed, uses sulfide gas sensor to control reaction Gas sensor is so high-sensitivity that little amount of gas ( several ppm gas of 0.5 mL /minute ) is needed to control reaction. Exhausted gas from gas sensor and other residual gas in the reaction tank or in the duct should be absorbed in scrubber not to emit outside. When the gas sensor has detected the occurrence of gas, the controller will control equipment so as to suppress the generation of gas. You can reduce the size of the scrubber for that.

How to install the scrubber

In the configuration of the new sulfide method ,exhaust system of the gas is very important.

  • The reaction tank, flocculation tank and precipitation tank must be fixed lids and connected to the exhaust duct
  • The exhaust duct is equipped with a thin branch pipe and it guides gas to the sulfide gas sensor.
  • Exhaust duct is connected to the scrubber. Output gas from the gas sensor is also guided to the scrubber.

How to install the blower

The blower induce the flow of the gas.

  • The blower may be connected between exhaust duct and scrubber.
  • Or it may be connected to the output of the scrubber .

Which way to apply depends on the characteristics of the blower.


Gas sensor and scrubber were added to this factory recently.