Technology to recover rare metal

As LCD television prevades, technology becomes necessary to recover rare metal such as indium from acid etchant used in production process of liquid crystal panel or scrapped liquid crystal panel. Aquatech has been promoting research and development of the technology from several years ago.

Technology to recover rare metal

Aquatech has developed a technology to recover indium from liquid crystal panel and acid etching solution. It is an efficient method for recovering indium from solution containing low concentrated indium. At the same time it enables us to validly recycle free acid because free acid can be separately recovered. Recovery of metal and free acid is conducted according to the flow chart of treatment as below. We have already successfully completed mid-sized trial operation at a leading manufacturer of liquid crystal.

Metal recovery pocess
Metal recovery treatment pocess

Aquatech possesses various technologies in addition to the above described. So please ask us about technology to recover not only indium(In) but also such material as platinum(Pt), palladium(Pd),ruthenium(Ru),rhodium(Rh),Neodymium(Nd) and dysprosium(Dy)

To recover indium from liquid crystal panel Video

To recover indium from liquid crystal panel   Video

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