Security of system

In case of conventional sulfide method, when sulfidizing agent is overfed, treated water becomes colloidal and emits offensive, harmful hydrogen sulfide. New sulfide method (NS process) solves these problems by controlling the feeding quantity of sulfide by use of gas sensor. Besides we apply multiple safety measures to our plant itself, thus to succeed in providing safe and comfortable work atmosphere. In this page, we introduce the security of new sulfide method.

Safety measures

Principally we take the following safety measures for our new sulfide method (NS process).

  • Discharged gas is sucked up by a blower from the top of reaction tank and treated by small-sized scrubber. Cyclic water of scrubber is reusable as sulfidizing agent.
  • When gas sensor detects very small quantity of sulfide gas, originating at the initial stage, the system instantly stops the feeding of sulfidizing agent. Also the discharged gas from reaction tank is sucked up and removed not to be leaked out to the working place.
  • In order to take the utmost consideration to safety, we install ORP meter inside the reaction tank. The meter works to monitor the treated liquid and stop the feeding pump of sufidizing agent when it detects ORP of liquid to exceed the set value.
  • Another monitor watches the entire space of working place. As soon as hydrogen sulfide is detected in working place, an alarm is given and, at the same time, safety device starts moving to safe direction.
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