We show below the topics which Aquatech is involved with in relation to recovering heavy metal and wastewater treatment

21.  Article in August 2010 issue of “Science and Industry”

 Title: “Recovery of rare metal by sulfide process by use of gas sensor for control”

20.Mission to export environment technology to China.

October 27 through 30, 2009

Participated in a tour to Hongkong sponsored by Osaka Municipal Government’s Trade and Labor Department and Osaka Hong kong Trade Development Bureau. Visited Environment Fair in Hong kong and attended a meeting with members of companies in Zhuhai, China. There is a large demand in China for technology for heavy metal wastewater treatment, reduction of sludge and recovery of metal.

19.Participation in NEDO’s national project.   June 4, 2009

Our water treatment technology, especially that utilizing membrane where Japan has an advantage shall be further strengthened. At the same time, this technology shall be applied to building water saving・environment adaptable type of water circulating system. Besides it is required to pervade such system not only here but also overseas by use of model plant thus to strengthen the competitive edge of water control business. In an aim to achieve the above, we carry out research and development according to the items as described below.
 Large title:     Project to build water saving・environment adaptable type of water circulating system
 Medium title:    Research and development of element technologies for water circulating system
 Small title:     Development of technology to separate・recover useful metal from harmful metal
 Members:      National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
         Japan Kanigen Co.
         Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
         Saga university
  Aquatech is in charge of recovering useful metal from sludge with metal hydroxide and reducing the volume of sludge by use of sulfide process controlled by hydrogen sulfide gas sensor (NS process). Period of research and development: June 2009  March 2011

18.Article in Journal of “Society of Material Cycles and Waste

Management”.   April, 2009

Title: How home electronics makers tackle the project to recover and recycle rare metal
Title: How home electronics makers tackle the project to recover and recycle rare metal. Journal: Vol.20, No.2, pp, 77-84, 2009
Writers: Masato Tujiguchi of Sharp Corporation & Hideki Doi of Aquatech

17.Presentation at Mining and Materials Processing Institute Japan

(MMIJ) spring conference Title: “Study on separating and removing arsenic from wastewater of deserted mine by sulfide process”

Presentation was given on March 26, 2009 at Chiba University by Mr. Kazuya Sunada of Waseda University. At the moment, JOGMEC consigns the study to Tokyo University, Waseda University, Water Reuse Promotion Center and Aquatech. Four parties are jointly studying the process to separate and remove arsenic and iron from wastewater of mine. Main assignment for Aquatech is to see if gas sensor controlled sulfide method (NS process) is applicable to this requirement, according to basic research of Tokyo University and Waseda University.

16.Lecture on “technology to control the reaction in liquid by gas sensor and

application of the technology”

On January 23, we invited Mr. Katsutoshi Inoue, professor of Saga University, the faculty of science and engineering, the sector of functional material. He gave a lecture on the captioned technology. At the moment, in treating wastewater, reaction in liquid is mostly controlled by pH meter or ORP (oxidation・reduction potentiometer). When there is a correlation between reaction in liquid and volume of gas generated there, it is an interesting idea to sense and control the reaction by using gas sensor, whose recent development is remarkable. He explained to students and instructors the principle and application of Aquatech’s NS process, developed by use of the said process. He also explained the case to control by adding methanol during the process of denitrification of microbiological treatment.

15.Invitation to Shimaya Venture Festa 2008.   December 2008

We expect you are doing well. Thank for your continued support to us We are going to exhibit at “Shimaya Venture Fest 2008” to be held at Market Plaza of Osaka Industrial Hall.
We will display there the samples as below. ・ Technology to recover indium from liquid crystal glass or etching solution (joint development with Sharp Corporation)
・ Technology to recover metal from wastewater/scrapped materials by use of sulfide process without emitting offensive smell (sulfide process using hydrogen sulfide gas sensor)
・ Technology to treat wastewater from PCB process by use of NS process
We look forward to seeing you at our booth.

・Date: December 4 to 5, 2008
・Time: 10am to 5:30pm
・Place: Osaka Industrial Hall, 3F Market Plaza
        1-4-5 Honmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi
・Sponsor: Shimaya Hightech Frontier Enterprise Conference
     Shimaya Business Incubator
・ Co-sponsor: City of Osaka
   Please ask the receptionist about where our booth is. We are planning to make a presentation on December 15, at 11:00 to 11:20 am. We appreciate your visiting to the place in time.

14. Osaka Prefecture accepts three technical trainees from Jiangsu,

China     November 2008

Osaka Prefecture and State of Jiangsu hold a relationship of sister city. This time, being invited by Osaka, Jiangsu personnel in charge came to Japan and visited waste treatment facilities in various places. We accompanied them to Chuo Plating Association (joint wastewater treatment equipment of Kyouhamashima Plating Complex) on November 17 and Misuzu Industry in Nagano-shi on November 18. At the moment, the city of Changzhou of Jiangsu forms a private company and studies to build a plant for treating waste materials.

13.Participation in a mission to China delegated by Osaka Prefecture

October 2008)

During 27 to 30, 2008, participating in the economic mission delegated by Osaka Prefecture as a member of twelve environment related companies, we visited Shanghai and Nanjing. In Shanghai, we attended a meeting to exchange technical knowledge and make presentation on “gas sensor controlled sulfide process technology to recover metal by NS process”. During the period, we visited Shanghai Expo 2010 and a wastewater treatment plant, having capacity to cover large area. In Nanjing, we attended Environment Forum of Jiangsu where Mr. Hashimoto, Governor of Osaka, addressed. We also attended a technical exchange meeting with business people in Jiangsu.

12.NEDO adopts a proposal on “advanced research and development for

reducing materials polluting environment”    June 2008

NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) adopts a research proposal as above captioned, jointly proposed by Aquatech, AIST, Saga University, Nihon Kanigen and Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute. While each party in this program will proceed with research according to its specialty, Aquatech will carry out the research to recycle heavy metal by use of universal sulfide precipitation method (NS process).

11.Heading in Nihon Keizai Shinbun “recover rare metal, find business

chance”.  May 27, 2008

The newspaper reported that Aquatech introduced a product able to efficiently extract indium, nickel and platinum from wastewater or scrap discharged from factories. It further mentioned that other venture companies are eager to tackle the business to recover metal from wastewater of factories and to reuse as materials. In Kansai, many electric machinery manufacturers using a lot of electronic parts are densely located, making the area a supply source of waste materials as well as a market for the metal thus recycled. Beside the advantage of locality, the price hike due to worldwide increase in demand for metal gives a favorable position to those companies.

10.Plant tour to see a test plant of sulfide precipitation method.

March 11, 2008

Cooperating with Aquatech, Water Reuse Promotion Center continues, for last two years, the experiment to develop metal recovering technology by sulfide precipitation method. Eventually WRPC has certified that high purity precipitate of copper sulfide can be stably obtained through continuous operation, thus leading to commercial production. In an aim to pervade the wastewater treatment system by sulfide precipitation, we carried out a plant tour showing the model plant. The photo shows a scene of plant tour to Taiyou Kosakusho in Sakai-shi of Osaka Prefecture. Test plant to treat wastewater from factory and extracting metal by sulfide precipitation method

Test plant to treat wastewater from factory and extracting metal by sulfide precipitation method

9.Lecture at seminar on “recover of metals from waste water of plating”

February 10, 2008

The seminar was given by New Business Creating Group of Sakai Ltd. in an aim to find conditions or framework enabling beneficial the business of recovering metal from waste water of plating. Mr. Onishi, CEO of Aquatech, was invited as a lecturer to give a lecture on “a method to recover metal by use of sulfide process without emitting smell and an example of actual operation at intermediate treatment facility”. Other lecturers were Mr. Kiichi Nakajima of Kanazawa Plating Co., Ms. Sachiko Oji of Yunitika Corporation and Mr. Masayuki Yokoi of Technology Research Institute of Osaka.

8.Presentation at 43th Exhibition of Japan Industrial Water Association

March 16, 2008

At the captioned exhibition, Mr. Sueo Nagasawa of WRPC and Mr. Onishi of Aquatech gave jointly a presentation on “recovery of metal from waste water by sulfide precipitation method”. They explained the principle and process technology of sulfide precipitation method and also disclosed the test result of waste water treatment plant actually in operation. While Cu density in untreated waste water varies from 100 - 500mg/L, that of post treatment shows less than 0.1mg. The system could reduce also the content of other materials such as Fe, Ni and Mn to low level. They reported that the water content of dehydrated cake is some 50% and Cu content of cake is some 48%.

7.Article in Monthly Global Environment on“recycle equipment of rare

metal in waste water from IC manufacturing plant.

    (Global enviroment magazine   February, 2008

Waste water discharged from IC plant includes rare metal such as indium, nickel and platinum, and heavy metal such as copper. The magazine reports in its news column that Aquatech has succeeded in building a treatment equipment in which the metals in waste water react to sulfide.

6.Article in Monthly Global Environment on “to recover efficiently rare

metal from waste water by use of gas sensor.

     (Environmental Business monthly magazine January, 2008)

5.Article in Nikkei Sangyo Shinbun on “to effectively recover rare metal

in wastewater”.  October 24, 2007

「The paper introduced on the top corner of first page that new sulfide precipitation method Aquatech developed has advantage enabling to treat large quantity of waste water discharged from IC plant and, at the same time, to recover rare metal. The paper mentions that the movement may expand the possibility to recycle the sludge produced from waste water, which was never used hitherto.

4.Technical report of Water Reuse Promotion Center on “recovery of

metal from waste water by sulfide precipitation”

  Published by " Water Reuse Promotion Center Foundation" .   March, 2007    

We conducted a test specially focusing on recovery of copper this time. We installed a pilot test equipment inside a manufacturing plant of print wiring board and made a treatment test with waste water containing copper ion by use of sulfide method. In parallel, we carried out a basic experiment at Tokyo University to detect the correlation between precipitating reaction of various metals sulfide and pH. Though this was the first year’s test of our research program to be made over several years, we could obtain the result as expected with both pilot machine test and basic performance test.

3.Receiving of NBK Grand Prize 2006

NBK Grand Prize / High Level Technology Prize in 2006 were given to our developed NS process (New Sulfide Process). NS process is an epoch-making treatment process produced by improving conventional method of recovering heavy metal. We think the prize is given as a result that the safety of the system, namely monitoring the gas emitted and feeding back, is confirmed through many examples of actual operating.

2.Success in developing a test plant to recover indium.  2006

We have been working jointly with Sharp Corporation to develop a technology to recover indium from liquid crystal panel. Since we have received a subsidy from “New Industry Creative Technology Development Fund” of 2005, we built a medium-sized pilot plant in Mie Plant thus to develop a facility incorporating the system towards commercial usage. →Please see

1.10 years anniversary from foundation.   March 2006

en years have passed since we founded our company on March 1, 1996. We are pleased to feel that we are contributing to creating a recycling society, though with limited capacity, as NS process, our core technology, is gradually accepted as a standard of the industry.