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Privacy policy

Aquatech makes it a rule to handle carefully personal information obtained from customer. For implementing this, Aquatech adopts privacy policy as described below to protect and keep personal information in strict confidence.

Definition of personal information

Aquatech acknowledges personal information as proprietary information including personal name, birth date, home address, phone number and other identifiable information.

Collection of personal information

Through using this web site, Aquatech may collect customerfs personal information so as to provide better service. The scope of personal information collected here will be limited to the minimum necessity for the purpose. Aquatech will comply with relevant laws and regulations for protection of personal information.

Supervision and protection of personal information

Aquatech will take full care of customerfs personal information collected and make every effort to prevent from missing, altering, injury, wrong access and leakage. Aquatech will not disclose customerfs personal information thus obtained without customerfs prior consent. There is no such case that customerfs access to Aquatechfs web site will disclose the personal information to any third party.

Utilization of personal information

The personal information obtained from customer will be used for the purpose as below described.

  • E To properly provide customer with information on the service and products
  • E To identify the customer when it utilizes the service
  • E To improve the web site towards customerfs greater satisfaction
  • E To develop new service
  • E To communicate with customer whenever necessary

Improvement of privacy policy

Aquatech will improve the privacy policy as soon as the modification becomes necessary.