Technology to recover metal in waste water
Technology to detoxify cyanogen
Technology to treat waste water containing nitrogen
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Aquatech Company Ltd. is working hard to protect beautiful environment through its various technologies, including technology to treat waste water containing heavy metals, namely, “new sulfide method (NS process)” and to treat waste water containing nitrogen, and technology to detoxify fatally poisonous “cyanogens”.>


“Metal Waste Treatment Method by Gas Sensor Controlled Sulfidization Method” we had developed received the Environmental Award(Excellence Award) of 2018. By this sulfide method, addition amount of Sulfidizing agent can be optimized by process control with hydrogen sulfide gas sensor. In addition water content of the recovered sludge is reduced to ca.45% and sludge volume to ca.40% from those of the conventional hydroxide method.. The Environmental Award is sponsored by National Institute for Environmental Studies and Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, supported by Ministry of the Environment .This award is presented to companies and organizations which have accomplished research works effective for environmental improvement every year.
A.Ohnishi.President delivered lecture "Control of liquid phase reaction with gas sensor" at 30th CES21 lecture meeting hosted by Kansai Brnch.
The Society of Chemical Engineers.The lecture is summarized below. In late years, gas sensor technology has made remarkable progress. Utilizing latest technolory,we have developed a method to control reaction by detecting gas generated during the reaction or gas of >residual reactant. This method is applicable to the following three processes.
1.Sulfide method using sulfide gas sensor("NS process"). This technology is already being industrially practiced.
2.Microbial denitrifying process controlled with methanol gas.
3.Breakpoint chlorination process for treatment of waste ammonia controlled with anmonia gas sensor.
Oct29.2017 Exported experimental equipment for NS process to a Chinese company(Centillion Environment & REcycling) through Matsui Machine Ltd.(Osaka.Japan)
June16,2015 Started implementation of NEDO Project in Malaysia. In Malaysia industrial waste liquid/sludge is dumped in reclaimed land. Expenses for reclaimed lands and disposal of sludge are getting higher. Therefore technology to reduce volume of waste sludge at low cost is required. In 2009-2013,Aquatec conducted NEDO grant-aided research project for development of technology to recover more than 80% useful metals from industrial waste liquid/sludge and reduce volume of sludge. In this project,we developed technology to recover more than 80% useful metals contained in the waste liquid from plating plants and reduce volume of sludge by more than 80%. For demonstration of applicability and dissemination of the developed technology in Malaysia. NEDO concluded MOU with Universiti Malaysia Pahang(UMP).In collaboratin with UMP and Accot Technologies,a local company located in Shah Alam,we demonstrate and promote spread of the superior tchnology developed by Aquatech ,a small Japanese company,to solve the environmental pollution problem in Malaysia.

Environmental Award(Excellence Award) of 2018.

NEDO plant in Malaysia 1F              2F